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I started this site on May 14th, 2021, because one of my best friends ever ever showed me Neocities and I can't like anything in moderation. I needed to revamp my Carrd, but she suggested I make it special, so here we are! OF COURSE, this has evolved way beyond a carrd, making shrines and posting art in here. Or, sort of posting art and hiding it FSDZCXKF I was like, 8 when Geocities first closed, so I don't even have a nostalgic reason for this, even if I enjoy the style of these things. I guess... Watching MMD YouTube videos and being on DeviantArt in 2012 count a little. It does definitely remind me of those times, and I like those! So there's your nostalgia factor. There's no real goal to this site, I'm just making it because it's fun to do and I love customizing and creating.

The home page and name of the website are the name of a water/theme park in one of my favorite movies, Lupin III: Tokyo Crisis! Please nobody take legal action it's just a fake theme park. The funny thing is, Aquapolis is ran by a real shitstain too, but I like how it looks and he (AGAIN FICTIONAL) is dead so it's mine now!

(This guy on the side isn't the shitstain, I just wanted to show off the cool gif Dannie ripped from a Lupin game for me hehe. It's pretty sick right? Right.)


Layout is a mishmash inspired by SinisterSuns's Pink theme, EggRamen's Double Sidebar theme, and my own simple knowledge of coding. Once I get the hang of buttons, I'll link those here instead.

Silver Lining font is from Asterism!

If you see anything here that you created, DM me on any of the social media listed in my about and I'll credit you accordingly! Unfortunately a lot of old web things like pixels and blinkies are reuploaded everywhere without credit, so it's kinda hard to find some of those sources.

To Do List:

- Stickerbook page (To be added to Collections)

- About Me template (To be added to About Me {duh})

- Finish art page

- Romy had the idea for me to scan my journal pages and preserve them here, so I'm adding this too

- Big Faves list. OH OR I COULD... MAKE DEDICATED SHRINES TO THEM. Oh God that'd be so many shrines though. Whatever half of them are in my book anyways we'll just do cute icons or something


This site may be a little broken in some sections, it's still a work in progress! If a link doesn't go anywhere um. Sorry.

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