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This is the gushing zone. This doesn't include ALL of my friends, because that would be very long, but I've got some tiny blurbs written for a handful of the closest, so if you aren't here don't take offense (also I probably just didn't know what other sanrio characters to use!! Talk to me about it or something FDSKJCX but if you think we're friends we're probably friends) This page is still, and probably always will be, under construction!

For more friend-related(?) stuff, here's my testimonials page! Which is... Also, under construction!


I’ve known Romy since 2017, so we’ve been through a lot together! We know almost everything about each other, but I don’t know how to demonstrate that in a way that like, isn’t invasive, and arguably embarrassing for us both FSDKXCZ See, that’s our level of trust! Despite this, she is constantly threatening to, quote, “Slap the cuffs” on me. She had a breakdown when she saw this website and learned I kinned Lupin.

Romy is the number 1 expert on Sanrio, you can ask and she can give you details on almost every character! She’s like a database, especially in regards to Onegai My Melody. Somehow, despite this, nobody around her realized she was neurodivergent until she was like, 18. I know. She also loves Puyo, Lupin III, and anything with a friendly puppet in it.


My brostie… Sasha and I knew each other adjacently as Twitter mutuals for a good time, but only when Mario Nation formed did we really bond, and did we ever! When I was at the peak of my horror movie fixation, we stayed up late on calls watching the movies and talking over important plot points. One day, Jason Goes To The Airport will be made. But until then, I will politely tease him and his boyfriend Ven for kindating every tired snarky man and eldritch being.

Sasha is smart in ways I could never dream of, but also loves Bugsnax, which means she’ll be writing these thoughtful character examinations of people named like Flippygroff and I just go, “Damn… I can see how Wuzzlebop McKinly and Flippygroff impact each other…” He also likes Mystery Skulls Animated, SCPS, and The Lego Movie!!


Poor Dannie. I love them so much but I also have realized lately that I turn to them any time I want some meaningless funny task done. “Dannie make me a gif of Ash that says Manwhore,” “Dannie make me a blinkie of Poopshitter,” “Dannie code a website with me,” it must be such a burden, and yet they stick around. Maybe they don’t have cable, and I’m the easiest source of entertainment? Regardless, Dannie is always the person I know can join me for whatever whenever! Even if the thing we’re doing is just sitting in silence while they draw on stream. It’s nice!

Dannie’s much better at tech than I am, and loves to dig around their little goose wings in video games source codes, especially Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. As of writing, they recently got into Sam and Max, and love looking into the nooks and crannies of it! Dannie also loves waterfowl of any kind, old tech, and I think… Is it Genshin Impact? Yeah that thing too SDKVXCZ


Ven has ALSO been my crazy long friend for a time! I see him a lot like a big brother, which I guess kind of makes Gene like a... uncle? NO I'M STUPID. BROTHER-IN-LAW. But I always know that if I need advice and something stable to lean on, I got him :) And also his cats are very cute and friendly.

Ven loves cats (you can imagine) and-- REALLY AN INSANE AMOUNT OF A LOT DKJXCFSD In specifics the big things I'm thinkin' of are Ducktales and OK KO.


Per request, BIMBO's name is BIMBO! I think I told them once I saw them like a weird but nice little sibling and they got a little emotional but I won't snitch or be mean about that because I MEANT it. He's so silly but incredibly easy to connect with even during heavier times, and effortlessly can cheer up others around him!! Also it's BIMBO's fault that Karamatsu is even vaguely alluded to here. Yeah.

They love animals so much!! Taking care of animals, feeding animals, drawing animals, watching animals, animals! She also likes the weird anime beatle freaks, Sonic, really almost any cartoon, and being swag.


This site may be a little broken in some sections, it's still a work in progress! If a link doesn't go anywhere um. Sorry.

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