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Before You Follow

- I use capital letters a lot to express emphasis and jokey anger. I know that can be upsetting for some, so maybe avoid this page and my other links if that's the case for you!

- I tag what I can on my social media, if I forget just DM me or something.

- I got the problems disorder, and I hyperfixate a LOT and over RAPIDLY CHANGING THINGS (not that I ever shake off the interest). Still I'm critical of my interests, and never follow anything blindly.

- I don't often use tone indicators, and when I do it's only ever /j. Really I try not to be too sarcastic in personal interactions until it's established that we understand each other, and you KNOW I'm just being an ass!

- Jumping off that last one, you don't need to use tone indicators with me unless you'd like to for your comfort! I'll by default assume whatever you're saying has positive connotations, so don't stress about it.

- I follow back semi-frequently, but if you're under 16 I likely won't for both of our comfort. I'll still be your bro and all, but we're in whole different worlds right now. That said, I don't post ANY nsfw, not text or image-wise.

- Feel free to talk to me whenever, just know that I either get too wrapped up in something else or just plain forget sometimes. It's not because I don't like you or anything, it's just Cherry Brand behavior. However, please don't be overfamiliar with me unless we've spoken plenty of times before. It's just awkward.

Do Not Interact

I'm aware DNIs are kind of just a surface level thing, but I don't want anyone interacting with me who doesn't align with these for me and my friends safety and comfort. This isn't a form of "activism" so much as I need to know that I've made myself clear before you touch me.

- General bigoted views, racist, homophobic, transphobic, right wing in any way, etc.

- Proship/Anti-anti you guys are weird lol

- Self-identified fujoshis or whatever. For that matter, anyone that fetishizes minorities.

- I can't believe I have to say this but shtwt and edtwt

- If you believe in reverse racism (this includes thinking "blackwashing" is a problem), heterophobia, cisphobia etc.

- "Problematic" media is too vague a term for me, if you're into something that weirds me out I'll just block you hee hee.

- If you don't like any female characters. This one's half a joke but also REALLY SOME OF YOU DON'T LIKE ANY WOMEN??


This site may be a little broken in some sections, it's still a work in progress! If a link doesn't go anywhere um. Sorry.

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