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Cherry | 21 | she/her | white | bisexy | nonbinary/bigender

Hi, I'm Cherry and this is my website! It's probably going to be a WIP forever, like most websites are, but I'm having fun so who cares. Initially this began as a limit-free carrd, but overtime it's become a whole fun thing! But really if you're on this page you probably already know that.

scorpio | baked potato Advocate | ENFP* | 7w8* | stereotypical adhd haver

(*only including it so you can see what characters I line up with on that database thing. Last I checked I had 100 Gecs in there like. Free entertainment)

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Art Twitter


Remind me and next time I go crazy scampering around my site I'll add some game friend codes as well. I know you're all dying to see the "Last Logged in: >3 Months" banners by my name.

I also have private twitter accs, but I don't just hand those out for obvious reasons FDSKJXZC But you're free to ask if we like, know each other.


Bolded interests are super special to me, and I could talk to you about them for hours!

- Lupin III

- Super Mario

- Pokemon Sun and Moon

- Alright it's been months SONIC

- Sanrio

- Sam and Max

- Bandori

- Slasher Movies (Primarily Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!)

- Vocaloid (including Project Sekai!)

If you're curious, you can find more of my interests here!


Sasha and Vince finally successfully peer-pressured me into making a carrd for it. Which works out, since it feels better fitted for a simple thing like that as opposed to coding a whole layout! That's code for I'd rather die than expend energy on this FDSKXZC


This site may be a little broken in some sections, it's still a work in progress! If a link doesn't go anywhere um. Sorry.

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