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Date: 6/8/2022

I'm a little under a month late, but Aquapolis has been up for a whole year now!! Wow!!!

AND a journal section! But not the one Romy and I talked about me making! Maybe I'll call it a diary instead. The one that we talked about was me scanning pages in my... Idk I've heard people say movie journals or anime journals but it's kind of everything BUT IT'S ALONG THOSE LINES, and that is a good idea, so I'll do it some day. So yeah, this is the diary thing. I'm not Greg Heffley I can say it.

I love making stuff and personalizing whatever I reasonably can so it makes sense that I'd end up going as insane making this as I have. Even if I haven't really gotten coding (I mean, this is kinda a bare-bones deal here, for the love of god don't look at the messy code) I really like playing with this. I'm still trying to finish up my stickerbook page, and I think I'm just gonna totally redo the art page so I can finally link it, but you get the idea, I've just got a huge list of ideas for what to do here! AND IT'S ALL ROMY'S FAULT BECAUSE SHE SHOWED THIS TO ME AND DANNIE!

Speaking of, me and Dannie (idc about grammar this is a fucking. Diary. Who give a shit) keep talking about collabing to make a special website, and it's gonna be super cool, I think everyone's gonna like it. I can't wait to show everyone once we actually figure out how to stitch it together, but WE KNOW IT'S GONNA BE SO COOL IN THE MEANTIME! But this isn't really related to the anniversary thing. Just a side-tangent.

Coding is just neat. And also incredibly frustrating because you get so close to what you want but it's just BARELY crooked but it's FINE, SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG TOLD ME TO LIVE AND LEARN, SO I WILL. I must slowly be getting better, right? I can't be getting worse. I really can't!

I think the reason I went in so hard so fast was because when we first started I got really sick for a little while NOT COVID it was some med my body didn't agree with at all and then the booster FOR Covid, so def not that, but because of it I was so miserable I didn't want to leave my bed and I couldn't even bring myself to draw and I didn't have the brain power to write. But just typing and looking up "how do you make shit center itself in html" worked out for me.

One day I think I'll get much, much better at coding, but this site is so busted in a charming way I think I'd have to start totally over. But that's good, because maybe then I'll leave this up as an archive some day. It'll keep me humble. Not just because of the code stuff, but because I'll look at just how I was and be like "Damn! What an insufferable little college student! But good on her for finding that Katamari pixel art, that's cute."

So yeah! One year down and I've still got so much I wanna do! I hope you're as excited as I am, which should be fairly easy since I'm just passively happy about it, and that should be easy to match.


This site may be a little broken in some sections, it's still a work in progress! If a link doesn't go anywhere um. Sorry.

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