Cherry's Corner

Here's where I'm putting art and stuff!

Clearly another WIP, I have to decide what I want here and how to decorate appropriately

Sooo I'm assuming you came from my main page and in that case I don't need to introduce myself but I do need to be a pretentious prick for a second. I fucking love creating bro. All different kinds! Drawing is just the easiest sometimes, because all I need for that is paper and like a pencil or a pen or something. Even if whatever I try doesn't go the first time it's like well, I can fall back on drawing.

Over time I draw more and more for myself, and I think it's improved my art! When you're only trying to satisfy yourself, you have more fun, and then you don't stress AS much over mistakes. AS much. Doing things for yourself is the best, sometimes. Selfish art is nice art.

I also uhhh taught myself primitive sewing when I was 11ish and I don't think I have saved any of those besides a Napstablook plush I made that's in storage but I'll get them later! And then like I paint (sometimes because I don't like it as much) and watercolor (WHICH I REALLYLIKE SWISH SWISH). I kinda play with semi-bullet journaling sometimes and I do kandi!! Enough to warrant its own tab. And I don't. Know what else to say.



Here's where I'm placing art in the traditional sense, like drawings, paintings, etc. I do digital and traditional work, so they'll be mixed in together here a bit.

Click on the image to see a better resolution! It opens it up in a new tab.


The other thing I do the most is make kandi!! Kandi is just little plastic pony beads threaded together to create jewelry and designs and stuff. It's not too complex, but it makes me happy :)

More info

Because I make these myself (and someday probably trade with someone else) they're all very special to me! The ones listed above aren't the only ones I've made in the year since I've spent at least 40 dollars on these beads, just some highlights I wanted to share. Here are mini-stories around them! And yes they will be melodramatic.

Workshed - The First Kandi: The first bracelet I made with my new fixation is very loose and ill-fitting, which you can see by how it kinda sits limply in my hand as opposed to the clean(er) circular shape of the other singles. Still, I kept it because it's like a landmark or whatever! The weird word choice is because I got into kandi making around the time I got into horror movies, and the story of Kurt Russel meeting Bruce Campbell is really, really funny to me.

Misc Singles: These are a little less special, but I still wear these ones a lot because they're comfy and easy to layer without getting the gross rubby thing under your sleeves, or worse, when it's hot out and you sweat. This is only a glamorous fashion trend on the surface. Or maybe that's like a texture thing IDK ANYWAYS It's pretty self-explanatory, but my favorite one out of these is probably the Sun and Moon one, I like twisting it around :)

Max - The First Mask: Ok so technically this is the only mask I've made thus far. Obligatory statement that kandi masks are not a good replacement for like, actual disease-blocking, but you can slip a disposable mask under it and it works nice! I made the pattern myself, and it's based on Max from Sam and Max, hence the teeth with the tiny bunny nose.

ICEE - The Biggest Multistitch: The picture is ass but you get the general idea. I didn't realize how tall it would be until I got halfway through, but I like it! It's big enough to put on like a waterbottle, so that's cute. Also I like ICEEs they're good.

UFO Cuff: You know those huge like, bangles that Sonic characters wear? That's what this is but it's a rainbow. The exact perfect kind of rainbow that people don't know in public if you're gay or just like the colors, and the answer is yeah bit o' both bit o' both. It's fun to crunch with your fingers, but not as much as a multistitch cuff is.

Ash Necklace: I SWEAR I DO THINGS BESIDES TALK ABOUT EVIL DEAD but I'm proud of this one I have to flex it as well. I made this specifically for my Halloween costume in 2020, a sad little closet ordeal consisting of a blue shirt that's too big for me, smeared makeup, and a black wig i forgot to pull out before my friends hopped in a Halloween Discord call. But it was okay it still fucked and I made the pattern myself as well!!

Spinny Cuff: If you ever wanted to feel like Megaman these huge things are where the hell it's at. It's like a gauntlet. Everyone I've shown it to has their eyebrows hit the ceiling and is like HOW MUCH DOES IT WAY and it's just plastic so not a lot. I spent so much time on the base itself that the spinning part is just a simple daisy-chain pattern with bi colors because being bisexual is half my personality.

Mike Charm: MIKE!! Mike the Mailtoad is the name I've given to the Mailtoad in Super Mario Galaxy. Him and his lore is a whole other thing but for now I have this lovely charm attached to my purse/backpack/thing and he always makes me smile.


Here's stuff that doesn't fit into the prior two tabs. I like making a lot of stuff, so this is my catch all for anything else, like... I don't know, sewing or whatever.